Vitamin Complex


Quantity : 200g

Vitamin Complex

12.5g/kg Thiamine HCl (B1), 12.5g/kg Riboflavin (B2),
20g/kg Pyridoxine HCl (B6). 0.5mg/kg
Cyanocobalamin (B12), 1g/kg Nicotinic Acid, 10g/kg
Calcium Gluconate, and Dextrose.


B-complex vitamins are water soluble and are necessary for carbohydrate and fat metabolism, protein synthesis and haemopoiesis. Periods of stress experienced during any rigorous training programme and frequent racing, can cause a deficiency of B-complex in a diet in which these factors are adequately provided for under normal circumstances. In nature, members of the B group mostly occur together and function mainly as coenzymes.
Their part is vital in numerous metabolic processes. Because of their close interdependence, the absence of one of these B vitamins will impair the action of the others. The vitamin B group includes some of the least stable
of all vitamins and very little of these vitamins are stored in the liver or body tissues. The animal is therefore dependent on the vitamin content of its food and the absorption of vitamins synthesized by the symbiotic flora of the gastro-intestinal tract.
B Vitamins are particularly unstable in the presence of moisture. Therefore dry powder formulation are preferable to liquids. The B group vitamins are closely concerned with carbohydrate/fat metabolism and protein synthesis
(particularly haemopoieses), indicating a large continuous requirement.
Deficiency crises then are quick to develop should any break in the chain of supply occur. Therefore,
deficiencies of B group vitamins can develop rapidly if any of the following conditions are present: reduced food intake, gastro-intestinal disturbances – (reducing synthesis and absorption), liver damage preventing mobilisation of reserves and heavy demands on tissue repair/metabolism requirements. Indications:
Oral supplement for racing animals and animals under stress during racing, training or heavy work situations.
Vite B is particularly recommended during periods of extreme exertion, sickness or following de-worming
treatments. Vite B supplements are used to restore energy when it is needed most. It helps appetite (particularly in
horses that have become 'sour' or are 'picky' eaters) and overcomes unthriftiness after worming or illness.
It also helps the animal to get into top condition. 


Dosage and Administration:
1 measure approximately 3.5g.
Horses: 2-3 measures daily in moist feed
Greyhounds: ½-1 measure daily on food or liquid.
Dogs & Cats: 1/3-1/2 measure daily in food or liquid.
Pigeons: 2 measures in 8 litres of water to 40 birds
Store in a cool dry, place.
Protect from light and moisture.





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